• Ay Tjoe Christine

Ay Tjoe Christine

Ay Tjoe Christine studied painting at the Bandung Institute of Technology, graduating in 1997. She began her career as a graphic artist, working with intaglio dry point prints and drawing inspiration from the plant life in her surroundings. Ay Tjoe primarily works with earthy tones and deep reds, alluding to emotions through colour. In her delicate works, Ay Tjoe aims to create various sensory experiences depending on how the viewer chooses to interpret the colour, form, and movement. She embraces the emergence of characters or creatures that form spontaneously in her paintings, using them as representatives for forces of authority and higher beings. Her works are a reflection of her inner thoughts and happenings in her personal life.

it’s just an exhibition

Collective Exhibition at Biasa Artspace Bali
14 December 2012 - 05 February 2013

  • eksekusi 32

    Eksekusi 32

    media : wires, plastic & glass
    size : 45 x 37 cm
    year : 2006

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