• Zohar Fraiman

Zohar Fraiman

Zohar Fraiman (Born in Jerusalem, Israel/lives and works in Berlin, Germany) examines the influence of digitalization on common gender stereotypes through her paintings. She explores how identities are formed and through which mechanisms they are reconstructed online via platforms such as Instagram, Tinder and TikTok. Using humor, Fraiman questions the practice of self-staging on the Internet and confronts the unnatural ways of expressing oneself in image-based networks. In her collage-like paintings – whether we are facing an illusion or reality – is not certain. The cosmos she creates in her paintings are not there to mirror our world, but to show parallel realities that exist due to the disclosure of ourselves in the age of social media.


Exhibition by Honold Fine Art at BIASA Cube
30 November 2019 - 15 January 2020

  • Zohar Fraiman artwork at Connection Exhibition by Honold Fine Art at BIASA Art Bali

    Top Spot

    Print on Vellum
    70 x 100 cm

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