• Tisna Sanjaya

Tisna Sanjaya

Bandung-born Tisna Sanjaya is well-known for producing work with strong aesthetics and expression in a social, political and environmental context. Actively involved ‘artistic protests’, Tisna differs from many artists as he works to fight against injustices whilst generating activity that encourages quality of life and beauty in his surroundings. In Tisna, these two sides are inseparable and although visible at varying degrees; sometimes the ‘expression of caring’ is more dominant; at other times ‘aesthetic expression’ is more important — neither is sacrificed nor lost. 


Collective Exhibition at Biasa Artspace Bali
11 July - 8 August, 2013

  • Tisna Sanjaya artwork Seniman Palsu

    Seniman Palsu

    Media : Oil on canvas
    Size : 200 x 300 cm
    Year : 2008

  • Tisna Sanjaya artwork Cigondewah

    Hand of God

    Media : asphalt and arit on canvas
    Size : 250 x 200cm ( 4 panel )
    Year : 2008

  • Tisna Sanjaya artwork Aura-Seniman

    Aura Seniman

    Media : Asphalt on canvas
    Size : 300 x 180 cm
    Year : 2008

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