• Arahmaiani


Known as one of Indonesia’s premiere performance artists, Arahmaiani is regarded as one of the most influential artists within the development of Indonesian contemporary art scene. She is an active voice for the marginalized and repressed in society and her work is significantly shaped by the need to produce a new social consciousness based on her research of religious, social, political and cultural issues. Provocation is inherent to her work, favoring themes of social politics and humanity in order to create a new responsiveness to global contemporary culture.

Domesticity VII

Collaboration Project at BIASA Artspace Jakarta
26 November - 15 December, 2017

  • Mandala


Collective Exhibition at Biasa Artspace Bali
11 July - 8 August, 2013

  • Arahmaiani artwork I Don't Want to Be a Part of Your Legend 2004

    I Don’ Want to be A Part ofYour Legend

    Media : Single channel video projection 11’33”
    Year : 2004

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