puzzle art

18 December 2013 - 06 January 2014
Sebastiano Navarra

Everything arises from examining the Great Masters of the Renaissance, whose art always stimulated my fantasy from the very first years of entering the “Academy.” With the passing of the years these Renaissance painters have become part of Myself. At 20, as a beautiful young man with all the arrogance of youth, then later developed into a much admired Designer, in a historical moment of youth movements, involved in an exclusive group of creative people “in the know”, they recognized me to be a leader. Over the years my interest changed, orienting towards a more material direction, both concrete and positive.

There my enquiry gravitated to the concept of “The Beauty of Allure” that combines Art, Creativity and Marketing, captivating the essence of Pop Art, but not rising to the empirical level of great art. Doing an easy job, colourful, breaking boundaries between Street Art and highly stylized Graphic Art, Comics and “L’art de Gallerie”.

I present…my work !

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