little things

09 December 2015 - 09 January 2016
Citra Kemala, Ines Katamso, Davina Stephens, Lovis Ostenrik, Made Bayak, Mazaya Nazar, Nadira Julia, Naomi Samara, Spencer Hansen

LITTLE THINGS, a selection of SMALL art objects, paintings, and photographs which communicate that little things can generate and initiate big changes. The influential factor of this exhibition is that each artist creates a personal piece dedicated towards a specific individual of their choosing as an abstract yet purposeful gift, revealing the most precious and hopeful parts of humanity. They were required to ask themselves; ‘If I were to dedicate my creative process and outcome towards a specific individual, who would it be? ..and what would I create?’ Each artwork communicates that even the smallest of actions and personal collaborative e orts are able to generate and initiate positive change. Individuals and organizations chosen by artists will receive 50% of artwork sale funds to further help fulfill his or her dream.

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