imago ludens : the playful hermit

05 - 30 April 2011
Cahyo Basuki Yopi

BIASA ArtSpace introduces Imago Ludens, an exhibition featuring the works of Cahyo Basuki Yopi. By presenting his solo exhibition BIASA ArtSpace points at exploring the work and research recently undertaken by the youngest generation of Yogyakarta-based artists. In fact, Yopi comes from the aesthetic lesson of Ugo Untoro with whom he shares that subjective language leading him to project the perception of life within his own imaginary landscape, on the trail of the unknown man, and somehow seeking to define himself and the outside world in relation to the mystery of the inner-self.

In Yopi’s visionary universe an airplane becomes a colorful hobbyhorse, spirals and cylinders develop into imaginary vehicles as fantasy transporters to our self, or a household flat-iron is metamorphosed into a nailed medieval instrument of torture that engages both language and imagination. Thus the artist fabricates his own Cabinet of Wonders by manufacturing ready-made toys from the assemblage of different elements and materials that include wood, metal, paper, etc. In such a way, Yopi generates an inexhaustible imaginary anthology in which emotions and rationality merge into fantasy objects.

During the opening night, BIASA ArtSpace showcases a “cultural cross-breeding “ event where Fidia Falascheti presents his “CUNTdown” : installation and live painting performance inspired by IMAGO LUDENS : The Playful Hermit – Cahyo Basuki YOPI solo show

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