garden of delight - jakarta

30 September - 30 October, 2013
Arya Pandjalu

Indonesian artist Arya Pandjalu artificially transformed BIASA ArtSpace Jakarta into an indoor garden laden with grass, leaves and vines to create a unique experience for visitors to his solo exhibition ‘Garden of Delight’.

Pandjalu’s concept was born from his research into the contradictory nature of the environment and urban ecology along with the effects they have on social, cultural and economic survival today. He showcased a series of life-size papier-mâché sculptures of himself along with mixed media work including videos, drawings and photographs during the exhibition that provided a reflection of his journey of self-discover as an artist.

The unique setting of an artificial garden, in which the exhibition is set, draws attention to Pandjalu’s core concept; the experience of the appropriation of public spaces. His intention was to flip the understanding of ‘indoors’ as private and ‘outdoors’ as a public space, by providing an indoor garden where visitors are able to participate in all the activities they would normally do outdoors. For Pandjalu, the garden also represented a place where visitors are free to indulge in their playful or contemplative side; a notion accomplished as visitors took a seat on the grass, mingled with friends, read and relaxed during the opening event.

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