30 November 2019 - 15 January 2020
Honold Fine Art (HFA)
Jumaldi Alfi, Marco Cassani, Fendry Ekel, Zohar Fraiman, Ivan Sagita, Sally Smart, Narcisse Tordoir and Shira Wachsmann

This group exhibition is presenting works of eight artists from different generations and nations, who, on a personal level are somehow related with one another. Despite obvious differences in the use of media, subject matter, visual language, and cultural background, all artists in the show share a strong conceptual fundament for their work and artistic practice as a common ground. Besides a deep interest in formal and technical aspects, the eight artists care a lot about the notion that every artwork is part of a bigger picture.

The title CONNECTED is reflecting the motivation for the selection of art works in the show and the understanding that an art creation is an intellectual framework, in which the audience is facilitated to draw lines of connections between thoughts and experiences. The individual artist has been invited to include a particular work in this show, which strongly relates to the artist’s other works: either as an inspiration for the creation of other works, born from earlier works or as a de facto fragment of a larger body of work.

In the belief that creating as well as viewing an artwork is a social event, the group show CONNECTED can be considered a starting point of a journey, which explores a wide network amongst artworks and authors. (FE2019)

BIASA Art proudly sponsors Shira Waschmann’s artworks for the CONNECTED exhibition at BIASA Cube.

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